Bespoke Ski Holidays with Alpine Guru

Alpine Guru was founded around one simple premise, to use a passion for the mountains, personal knowledge and expertise to create bespoke ski holidays. In little over a year the company has grown from a small chalet brokerage to include a Russian language website and a collection of some of the finest mountain hotels. They can create pretty much any winter or summer alpine escapes imaginable (with a little notice of course.)

From ‘bucket list’ adventures that come out of dreams to family holidays, corporate incentives and event-focused travel, you’ll receive the ultimate service, before, during and after your holiday.

All of Alpine Guru’s chalet and hotel collection are handpicked and you can’t buy your way onto our list. All are selected for reputation, service and design.  The good thing about the collection is that it saves you the time of sifting through everything that’s available, the team discuss what you’re looking for and are able to quickly suggest appropriate properties that suit any budget with levels of service, privacy and design to match.

Despite the place where you rest your head being the biggest holiday decision it’s usually other elements that can cause the most holiday stresses, such luggage going missing, making sure popular restaurants are booked in advance or even making sure a car (or indeed helicopter) is there to meet you as soon as your jet lands.

These are the details that Alpine Guru never overlooks. The team love challenges and have had requests to source rare food products from far-flung destinations with little notice, to gain access to exclusive events and create once-in-a-lifetime adventures. It doesn’t matter how big or small the task may seem: Alpine Guru places the same level of importance on it because they understand that to you it will make the difference.